How To Find The Right Affordable Car Insurance Oregon


When you consider buying car insurance, it is everyone’s aim to get affordable car insurance in view of the exorbitant cost.
Let us see how it is possible to get affordable car insurance in Oregon.

Car Insurance Requirements in Oregon:

According to State law, you are required to buy the following liability car insurance coverages in order to drive a car on the roads of Oregon.

● $25,000 for bodily injury per person
● $50,000 for bodily injury per accident
● $20,000 for property damage
● $15,000 for personal injury protection liability
● $25,000/$50,000 for uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury liability

The limits in your policy is the amount, the insurance provider will pay for bodily injury and property damage liabilities, if you are in an accident. If the expenses exceed the limits, you have to pay from your own pockets, which is not possible in respect of many people. That is why, the drivers will opt for more coverage limits than the minimum coverage limits to escape from unnecessary financial burdens.

Buying the minimum liability coverage, as prescribed by the Government, is the most affordable car insurance Oregon. Even if you opt for a single optional coverage, you may have to pay more towards insurance premiums.

A study has stated that the affordable car insurance Oregon quotes are offered by the insurance companies namely Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, Oregon Mutual and Grange Insurance Association and the rates are $811, $889, $997, $1044 and $1045 per annum respectively.
These are only average figures and they may vary according to many influencing factors.

As you are aware that shopping for car insurance will produce you great and affordable results. You can also look for the discounts offered by almost all insurance providers for the benefit of the customers in lowering the car insurance premium rates. You can avail the discounts to which you are eligible, which will result in affordable car insurance Oregon.

Affordable Car Insurance in Salem:

Average annual car insurance premium is quoted as $1451 for the Salem region and affordable car insurance Salem Oregon are offered by the companies namely Country, Progressive, Oregon Mutual, Grange Insurance Association and Mutual of Enumclaw and the average annual rates charged by them are $828, $919, $1068, $1104 and $1104 respectively.

Affordable Car Insurance in Medford:

The Medford average annual car insurance rate is reported as $1391. The affordable car insurance Medford Oregon rates are offered by the insurance companies viz. Country, Progressive, Oregon Mutual, Mutual of Enumclaw and Grange Insurance Association and the respective average annual rates are $816, $881, $948, $1032 and $1128.

Affordable Car Insurance in Eugene:

The annual average car insurance premium in respect of Eugene region is quoted as $1239. However, as far as affordable car insurance Eugene Oregon is concerned, they are $708, $822, $888, $900 and $984 offered by the leading insurance companies namely Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, Geico and Oregon Mutual.

You may note that there are no large variations in the costs of car insurance for the regions mentioned above. All the insurance companies of Oregon offer affordable car insurance Oregon online and the customers can make use of the facilities made through their websites to get affordable car insurance Oregon and enjoy the benefits.

All the costs mentioned above are subject to variations as estimation of car insurance is done based on many factors and individual needs. If you opt for all optional coverages in addition to the minimum liability coverages, you will have to pay more as you get full insurance security to safeguard your interests. There is nothing wrong is spending towards car insurance or otherwise you may have to exert and exhaust your savings as and when you meet with car accidents.


It is not good to satisfy with buying the minimum liability coverages and it is better to expand your security net by getting more coverages that would protect your financial assets.

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