Get The Most Affordable Car Insurance For Young Adults


It is a natural justice to charge higher rate of car insurance premiums for young adults in view of the risks
involved in them and the way in which they drive the cars. Let us see what are the available affordable car insurance for young adults in the ensuing paragraphs.

Car Insurance for Young Adults:

If you drive a car you have to buy car insurance and at least the minimum liability insurance is to be purchased by law. Unfortunately, young drivers pay much more towards car insurance premiums because they have less driving experience.

Although car insurance rates are high for teenages, young adult drivers pay much more until they reach 25 or 26 years of age or even up to 30. It is essential to find the companies that offer most affordable car insurance for young adults.

Companies that offer Affordable Car Insurance for Young Adults:

There are some companies, who offer most affordable car insurance for young adults only, apart from offers to other categories. Some of them are Amica, Geico, USAA, Esurance, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, State Farm, Allstate and American National. There may be some more national and local insurance companies that may offer most affordable car insurance for young adults only.

All the above mentioned companies tend to offer most affordable free car insurance quotes for young adults and the youngsters can make best use of these quotes, compare them and choose the best one that suits their budget.

If you are looking for most affordable car insurance for young drivers you have to take this as a daunting task as it is not so easy to find the same.
This is because the young drivers are supposed to drive their cars with much speed. They are considered as risk drivers. But as the youngster matures gradually and develops a decent and safe driving, rates will start going down uniformly.

If the young drivers take defensive driving course , then they can get discounts and thereby lower your premiums. The discounts are also allowed, if the teenagers get good grades in their schools and colleges.

Car insurance rates have been climbing over recent years and the same trend continues in the year 2018. When this is the case for normal drivers, the car insurance rates for young adults must be much higher. Even though, the companies are offering most affordable car insurance for young adults, these affordable rates are still highly quoted.

The young adults can follow the steps below to get affordable car insurance premium rates.

● The young adults can attend the defencive driving course approved by the State Government.
● The young drivers can be included in their parent’s car insurance policy as named drivers. This would certainly bring down the rates.
● Ensure that the young driver is assigned the cheapest car in the household.
● They can qualify for ‘student away” discount.
● It is always good to shop for insurance and get the best quote after comparison of quotes of several companies.

A recent study has revealed that the following insurance companies namely Erie Insurance, The Cincinnati, Chubb, Grange Insurance Association and Nationwide offer most affordable car insurance for young drivers only.

The annual average car insurance rates offered by them for the young adults are $2411, $2969, $3607, $3673 and $4059 respectively. Other companies that offer most affordable car insurance for young adults vary from $4316 to $7529.

The best way to lower car insurance premiums for young adults is to include their names in their respective parent’s insurance policy. In fact, your parent is facing more risk by adding a teenage driver to his or her policy and naturally, the parent’s premium will be on the hike. But still, it will be much cheaper than getting a car insurance policy for an young adult.


Even though, there are insurance companies that offer affordable car insurance to the young adults, you have to find the better ways of reducing it by utilising one of the tips mentioned in this article and by sincere shopping.

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