Little Known Ways To Cheap Bmw Car Insurance


You are aware that BMW cars are expensive and high performance cars and hence they are costly to insure.
Let us see the insurance costs for various models of BMW cars in this article.

BMW Car Insurance:

As you are aware buying a BMW car is expensive as well as exciting. As BMW car is a high performance car, the cost of insurance will naturally be high. But, there are a few steps you can take to achieve cheap BMW car insurance.

● You can reduce the risk of your BMW car being stolen by fitting security alarm systems, immobiliser and parking it in a secured location.
● You can fix higher deductibles to get lower car insurance premiums.

● You can avoid unnecessary add-ons on your BMW car and limit your protection level that is appropriate for you and your car.
● If you are a student or under 25 years of age, it is good to add your name as a secondary driver to your parent’s insurance. By doing so, you will be able to achieve cheap BMW car insurance for young drivers by a certain and appreciable level.
● It is always better to shop around and search for cheap BMW car insurance quotes by visiting a good number of websites of popular insurance companies, compare them and come to a final decision.
● Do not show over enthusiasm and overestimate the amount of miles you drive daily. If the mileage is more, your car insurance premium may be fixed slightly on the higher side.

BMW M3 Car Insurance:

As far as BMW M3 car insurance is concerned, the national average stands at $198 per month. Cheap BMW M3 car insurance is available in Maine and the average monthly insurance cost is quoted as $96, while in Georgia, the highest rate of $279 per month prevails. Of course, these rates can vary depending upon many other factors such as driving record, mileage and much more.

BMW 3 series Car Insurance:

It is estimated that BMW 3 series make up 30% of all BMW sales. This is a high performance car that provide the owners with solid and reliable luxury car and as safety features are concerned, this car is considered as the safest one and could not be stolen so easily. As far as cheap car insurance for BMW 3 series is concerned, the cost of annual insurance premium ranges between $1730 and $2147.

There are more discounts offered for such BMW 3 series cars and they are safe driver discounts, good driver discounts and the like. If you fix safety features such as airbags, anti-theft devices and the like, you can get considerable discounts and achieve in getting cheap car insurance for BMW 3 series.

BMW 1 series Car Insurance:

BMW 1 series cars are popular for its luxury, efficiency, comfortability and it is also a sports car. This is considered as an all round performance car. Whether it is a petrol or diesel engine, BMW 1 series cars offer good performance and economy. The annual average and cheap car insurance for BMW 1 series is reported as $1720 and this rate may be quoted below or above as the cost of insurance depend on various factors.

BMW 5 series Car Insurance:

As far as cheap car insurance for BMW 5 series is concerned, the annual average insurance costs is quoted as $2136. Your actual cost may be more or less than this quote as the cost of insurance depend on many factors such as driving record, your age and gender, average mileage used and much more.

BMW X 5 series Car Insurance:

The cheap car insurance for BMW X5 series is estimated as $178 per month or $2136 a year. The insurance cost for BMW X5 V6 ranges between $1401 and $1519 per year whereas for V8 it may cost $1718 per year.


The cost of insurance furnished here are only rough estimates and the rates are determined based on many factors. It is good if this article has given you an idea about BMW cars and their costs of insurance.

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