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By law, you need to get car insurance up to the minimum coverage as required in your State and Alabama State has its
own car insurance laws. Let us see how can we get budget car insurance in Huntsville, Alabama.

Car Insurance Requirements:

According to mandatory insurance laws of Alabama, any driver of a car in Huntsville must carry the following minimum liability car insurance coverages.

● $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person
● $50,000 for bodily injury or death of more than one person
● $25,000 for property damage liability.

In addition to the above, there are many optional coverages to be purchased by the drivers of Huntsville for safety reasons.

Budget Car Insurance in Huntsville:

Budget Insurance Agency is a reputed insurance agency in providing affordable car insurance in Huntsville, AL. It is located at the address 1505, Pulaski Pike Nw, Huntsville, AL-35816. You can contact this agency over the contact number viz. 256-536-6570 to get budget car insurance Huntsville AL.

This agency is committed to offer low budget car insurance Huntsville AL online through their websites. This agency is particular about providing low cost car insurance to the drivers of Huntsville and offer great rates regardless of age, driving record, credit history or vehicle. Budget car insurance quotes Huntsville AL can easily got by visiting the websites of the company or through the agents and brokers.

Basic Liability Coverage:

The basic car insurance liability coverage of Alabama will cover the other party’s medical bills and repair charges, if you are responsible for a car accident. You can opt for additional coverage above the minimum liability coverage limits as the accidents can cost more nowadays.

It is also good to have optional coverages viz. Collision and comprehensive. Collision will cover the costs of damages after an accident and comprehensive will cover the damages to your car by fire, windstorm, vandalism or theft.

If you are satisfied with the minimum liability coverages, your budget car insurance Huntsville AL will be less and if you get additional and optional insurance coverages, then you may have to pay more towards the cost of car insurance.

Car Insurance Companies and Agencies:

Many national insurance companies and their insurance agencies are functioning in Huntsville to sell car insurance to the drivers. All these agencies offer budget car insurance quotes Huntsville AL through their websites and through agents and brokers.

Some of the popular companies and agencies in Huntsville are Budget Insurance Agency, Grimwood Insurance Agency, American Insurance Agency, Cigna, Allstate, MetLife and much more.

The annual average car insurance premium for Alabama is quoted as $1249 approximately. This figure is subject to variations. This is because the companies are using different methods for calculating car insurance costs and it also depends on the insurance coverages needed by the individuals.

The companies namely Progressive, United Services, ACCC, National General and Infinity charge the following premiums in respect of an adult driver with good driving record . They are $673, $863, $865. $887 and $948 per year on an average.
These are the possible cheapest costs in respect of Alabama.

The average annual rate of car insurance is reported as $1169 in Huntsville, Alabama. This rate is also subject to variations thanks to several reasons.

The best way to prove your financial responsibility is to buy a car insurance policy as prescribed by the State Government. If you fail to prove that you possess a car insurance, you will be fined $500 for the first offence and $1000 for subsequent offences. In addition you may face the cancellation of driving license and car registration.


There are a good number of opportunities to purchase car insurance at budget rates in Huntsville. Insure your car with enough coverage and save yourself from big expenses.

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