Read This Controversial Article And Find Out More About Car Insurance Hawaii


You may be a careful driver while driving on the roads.
But accidents cannot be predicted. They can happen unexpectedly and you may not be even responsible for that accident.

However, you will be the sufferer to meet the medical expenses and the repair charges, if the other driver do not have insurance or enough coverage. A car insurance will save you from all these possible financial disasters. Let us see what are the car insurance facilities in Hawaii.

Car Insurance Hawaii:

You have to comply with Hawaii law and you have to buy the following minimum liability car insurance Hawaii coverages to legally drive a car in Hawaii.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

Hawaii is a no-fault State and this status automatically implies that you will be covered for the injuries and for the injuries sustained by your passengers up to your policy limits. Normally, you have to take an insurance coverage of $10,000 which is the minimum requirement under PIP coverage. It is up to you to buy insurance for more coverage limits than the minimum under PIP.

As far as car insurance Hawaii liability coverages are concerned, you have to oblige with the following minimum liability coverages.

● $20,000 for bodily injury for one person
● $40,000 for bodily injury for two or more persons
● $10,000 towards property damage liability.

The above are the minimum car insurance Hawaii requirements mandated by the State Government. But, you should not be satisfied with the minimum liability coverage and it is good to buy car insurance for higher coverage limits to meet the situations that demand higher medical expenses for the injured in case of big accidents.

However, while shopping for car insurance Hawaii, it is a good idea to get as many number of quotes as possible. This will enable you to have a good car insurance Hawaii comparison along with the coverage options offered by the insurance providers. This will lead you to get a better choice with right insurance coverage at an affordable price.

Cheap Car Insurance Hawaii:

As in any other State, the cheap car insurance Hawaii is nothing but the liability insurance coverage as prescribed by the State law. However an analytical study has revealed that the following insurance companies namely Allianz Auto Insurance, American Automobile Insurance, Fireman’s Fund, Chubb, MetLife, Travelers and Banker’s Insurance are found to charge an average annual car insurance premium rates $192, $192, $192, $262, $266, $284 and $333 respectively. Hawaii annual average premium is reported as $432.

As far as annual average and normal car insurance Hawaii rates are concerned, it stands at $764.72 as against the national average of $889.01. No rate can be guessed or taken for granted so easily and the premium rates depend on many factors such as your driving record, age, gender, make and model of the car, where you live, where you park your car, average mileage used and much more.

As far as the car insurance Hawaii companies are concerned, some of the top picks in providing best car insurance are Travellers, Farmers, Allstate, Geico and Progressive.

These companies and more popular insurance companies offer some of the best car insurance Hawaii coverages for the benefit of residents of Hawaii. You must remember that cheaper need not always be a better option.

There is nothing to be strict in selecting an affordable coverage and at the same time it is also necessary to invest your savings in getting higher coverages. Hawaii has abundant local insurance companies in each island and you have got a wide range of choices to choose from.

Therefore, exorbitant shopping for insurance will land you in a good result. It is also better to shop for a policy in every two years. This way, you can always get a better deal.

Rental Car Insurance Hawaii:

When you are on tour to Hawaii on vacation, you may think that rental car insurance Hawaii may not be necessary. The reason for declining rental car insurance Hawaii is that you have already an insurance coverage either through an insurance policy or through the credit car you use to pay for the rental cars.

This may be true to a certain extent. But the coverage is limited to the minimum liability coverage limits as prescribed in your State where you usually drive your primary car.

If this minimum limit is higher in Hawaii or in any other place where you drive a rental car, your insurance will not work for you if you are involved in accidents. If you have a collision coverage, you may not need a rental car insurance. But, if you rely on your credit card’s coverage you have to ensure that you have enough coverage limits. Otherwise, you will be put into trouble.

Classic Car Insurance Hawaii:

It is uncommon to use classic or antique vehicles on roads and that is why the insurance companies have to work with you to find an appropriate classic car insurance Hawaii.

It is really important for the insurance providers to understand the coverage needs, age of the classic car, miles driven, modifications done and the like before deciding a suitable classic car insurance Hawaii. The following points will also be considered in insuring classic cars.

● The insurance company will pay you the agreed value of the classic car, in case it is lost. This is a better coverage than paying actual cash value or stated value.

● Classic cars are not driven on the roads throughout the year. Therefore, classic car owners may be charged with a reduced rate of insurance premium.

● The significant point is that each classic car is unique. The insurance company has to take special steps in finding the right insurance coverage.

● Classic cars are prone to breakdown on the roads very often. It will be better to avail roadside assistance coverage.

Leading Car Insurance Companies:

In Hawaii, Geico car insurance Hawaii is offering all types of car insurance coverages ald they are also prompt in settling the claims by the customers. This prominent company is located at 711, Kapiolani Blvd, Ste 300, Honolulu, Hawaii-96813 with contact number 808-593-1010.

Yet another prominent company Progressive is also offering Progressive car insurance Hawaii to the residents of Hawaii. This company offers wide range of products and progressive has become a household name in US. They also sell insurance products through independent insurance agencies. These agencies are available throughout Hawaii.


Fortunately, there are a good number of reputed insurance companies striving hard to serve the people by offering wide range of insurance products and it is wise for the people to avail them without fail.

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