Find A Quick Way To Get Car Insurance Quotes Delaware


The more car insurance quotes, you get, the better your odds of finding an affordable rate that suits your budget.
In fact the difference between looking at one quote and three quotes will save you hundreds of dollars in a year and in the long run. Let us see about car insurance quotes in Delaware.

Car Insurance Requirements:

As required in almost all the States of USA, minimum liability insurance coverages are required by law in Delaware to register and drive your car. They are as given below.

● Bodily injury to others: $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident
● Property damage liability: $10,000 per accident
● Personal injury protection: $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.

Getting car insurance quotes Delaware for the above minimum liability coverages will be the cheap car insurance quotes Delaware. But, expert’s advice is that the drivers of Delaware should opt for more more coverage limits to withstand the expenses that may be incurred in the event of big car accidents where the damage of properties and injuries are higher in numbers and when the expenses even for a single accident exceeds your coverage limits.

While getting car insurance quotes Delaware online, you must understand that different companies will give weightage to different factors. For example, one company will give more weightage to your occupation and the other will give importance to some other factor. That is why it is stressed that you must get a minimum of five quotes from different companies for comparison.

Insurance companies also give much importance to the risk factors of your driving records. If you have received more tickets for traffic violations, then you will be branded as a risky driver and you will be charged with high car insurance premiums. Normally, the insurance companies will take into consideration about your traffic violations for the last 3 to 5 years.

There are many insurance companies that extend their car insurance services to the drivers of Delaware and some of the largest companies are State Farm, Nationwide, Berkshire Hathaway, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, USAA, Allstate, The Hartford, Farmers and Travelers.

All these companies along with more national companies and the local providers offer free car insurance quotes Delaware to enable the clients to compare the quotes and arrive at the right decision.

Cost of Car Insurance in Delaware:

Depending upon the insurance providers with which the drivers of Delaware are tangled, the car insurance quotes Delaware may vary anything between $1176 and $3710 per year.

The annual average car insurance in Delaware is normally quoted as $2044. Even within a city, the difference between the highest and cheapest car insurance rates could be high and unimaginable in Delaware.

However, cheap car insurance quotes Delaware are offered by the following insurance companies such as Geico, Atlantic States, Grange Insurance, Progressive and Donegal Mutual and their quotes are $1176, $1370, $1684, $1806 and $1877 per year respectively. These are annual average costs of insurance.

Car insurance is a must in Delaware. At the same time, you should not accept the first offer, you receive in respect of car insurance. You have to get a set of car insurance quotes Delaware for comparison.

Most of the people may not be aware about how to compare the car insurance quotes. For this purpose, there are many comparison websites like “QuoteWizard” with which you can compare the quotes in quicktime.

As far as the cities of Delaware are concerned, the cheapest car insurance cost prevails in Fenwick Island ($1353) and the highest in Wilmington ($2051).


As car insurance companies follow different methods and consider various factors in determining the cost of car insurance, there exists no standard price and you can find large variations in premium rates offered by each company.

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