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Car insurance is mandatory in almost all States of US and elsewhere in the world.
Car insurance protects you and your assets when you get into car accidents. Car accidents injures people and damages the vehicles involved in accidents.

The injured people are to be medically treated and the damaged vehicles are to be repaired or replaced as the case may be. Sometimes, by making accidents, you may even damage public or private properties and these damages are to be compensated.

All these situations will easily be handled by the insurance companies, if you have bought car insurance. Let us see what are the facilities of car insurance in MA in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Car Insurance Quotes in MA:

Each State has its own minimum liability car insurance coverages and they are required by law. According to MA laws, the minimum liability car insurance coverages are as follows. You can get car insurance quotes MA from the insurance companies to meet these minimum liability insurance coverages.

● Bodily injury to others: $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident
● Personal Injury Protection: $8000 per person, per accident
● Bodily injury by an uninsured auto: $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident

● Property damage liability: $5000 per accident.

In general, many people offer for higher coverage limits as these minimum coverage limits will not be sufficient to meet the expenses on accident victims in case of some big and nasty accidents in which many people are injured.

Car Insurance Companies in MA:

Almost all the major and renowned insurance companies are stationed in MA and they offer varieties of insurance types to the public including car insurance. Besides, there are many insurance agencies to cater the insurance needs of the residents of MA.

These agencies have developed a good rapport with many leading insurance companies. They will be in a position to offer you car insurance quotes MA online in respect of the leading companies, they represent and that too in quicktime.

Those, who need car insurance, have to get quotes from a minimum of five insurance providers. Then only, you will be able to compare these quotes along with the coverages offered. This comparison will enable you to get the best available rate at an affordable price.

Almost all the nationally popular insurance companies have created their own websites. Through these websites, you can get car insurance quotes MA free of cost after submitting certain information as required by the companies.

Besides these websites, there are many private websites owned by many insurance agencies. They will be in a position to provide the customers with the quotes of many leading companies simultaneously. Some websites may provide you the compared quotes of several companies along with the insurance coverages offered.

With the help of these comparison websites and with the available data, you will be in a position to choose the best car insurance coverage at the right price. While searching for car insurance quotes MA, do not focus your attention only on cheap quotes.

Cheap quotations are also a part of your needs, but at the same time you should be careful in looking at the profile of the prospective insurance companies. The company, you choose, must be financially strong, good at customer service, good and quick at the disposal of claims and much more good qualities.

Shopping for Car Insurance:

As regards to cheap car insurance rates, your State’s minimum liability coverage is the cheapest possible insurance coverage, you can buy. In fact, everyone would like to save money and that is why people are satisfied with buying the minimum liability coverage.

But, this is not a wise decision. Your assets and savings will be in jeopardy, if you are responsible for accidents in which many people are injured or the value of the property damaged by you is fairly high.

The annual average car insurance premium in MA is about $1191 per year and this figure may change according to the demands and situations. Looking for cheap car insurance quotes MA and buying the same may not be the wisest decisions for most of the drivers in MA.

This is because even a minor accident can cause you more and which will be much higher than what your minimum liability coverage pays out in such cases. It is always better to buy insurance coverages that is well above the minimum liability coverages.

In most of the situations and when you buy a car availing loan facilities, you may be required to buy optional insurance coverages such as collision and comprehensive coverages.

These situations will naturally increase your car insurance premiums but will provide more safety to you and your assets. Besides, there are some more optional coverages such as medical payment coverages, towing and labor and the like. Situations may demand you to buy such optional coverages also. However, ensure that you are armed with proper car insurance coverage to meet any exigencies.

As far as the cheapest car insurance premium rates are concerned, the following companies stand in the line. They are One Beacon, National Grange Mutual, Norfolk and Dedham, Geico and Commerce Insurance.

The annual average car insurance premiums offered by these companies are $1090, $1260, $1260, $1270 and $1358 respectively, the MA annual average being quoted as $1537. These are all only approximate estimates and the premium rates can vary widely according to the insurance coverages needed by the public.

It will not be surprising if you find large variations in premium rates from one company to the other for the same type of coverage. This is because the insurance companies determine the premium rates based on several factors and these factors vary from individual to individual. You must also note that the companies that offer cheap rates need not be the best one for you.


Car insurance is a must in any place in the world, you live. Moreover, car insurance protects you from all possible financial distress. Even a single accident can wipe out your savings, if you are not properly covered. Keep this fact in mind and obtain a proper insurance coverage and drive peacefully on the roads of MA.

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