How To Improve Car Insurance Quotes Maine In 60 Minutes


A car insurance is essential because it covers your expenses when your vehicle is damaged in accidents
or when you injure some people in such accidents. All motorists must be insured against liabilities to the people and car insurance is required by law in almost all parts of the world. Let us see what are the car insurance facilities and quotes in Maine.

Maine Car Insurance Requirements:

The State law requires the following bare minimum car insurance liabilities for all drivers of Maine.

● $50,000 for bodily injury per person in an accident
● $100,000 for bodily injury in an accident regardless of the number of persons injured
● $25,000 towards property damage liability
● $2000 medical payment coverage per person
● $50,000/$100,000 for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

The drivers must at least get car insurance quotes Maine to buy the above mentioned liability car insurance coverages as per the norms of the Government. Some of the largest insurance companies that provide car insurance in Maine are State Farm, Allstate, Geico, Nationwide, Farmers, Citizens, AIG, Liberty Mutual, Hanover and The Hartford. These companies along with many more popular and local companies offer free car insurance quotes Maine for the customers to compare the quotes for better selection.

Car Insurance Quotes In Maine:

The annual average cost of car insurance in Maine is quoted as $704 as against the national average $1009. This may due to few uninsured drivers and low mileage driven by Maine drivers.

Of course car insurance premium will vary according to the insurance needs of the individual drivers and the companies use different factors in determining the premium rates.

Cheap Car Insurance in Maine:

Cheap car insurance quotes Maine are offered by the companies namely Geico, Patriot Insurance, Vermont Mutual, Country Way and Concord and the rates
quoted by them are $682, $733, $876, $922 and $945.

However, all these quotes are in respect of drivers with 30 years of age and with good driving record. These quotes may vary, if the drivers need more optional coverages.

Moreover, the premium rates depend on many factors such as driver’s age, driving history, where the driver lives, gender, where the vehicle is parked in the nights and much more. In fact the car insurance quotes range from the minimum of $682 to the maximum of $3041 per year on an average in Maine region.

Some of your friends might get a cheap rate from a company and the same company may not offer you the same premium rate to you as it depends upon so many factors. There are more than 70 insurance companies in Maine and each will offer different car insurance quotes Maine and that is why vast range of difference between the quotes.

Car Insurance Quotes Bridgton, Maine:

As in Maine, there are a good number of insurance companies and agencies to offer car insurance quotes Bridgton Maine. Bridgton is a town in Cumberland County, Maine and it is a resort area in Maine’s lake region.

The population of Bridgton is around 5210 as per population census 2010. There are many comparison tools and websites in Bridgton to enable you to get the car insurance quotes bridgton Maine.

As in any other place, there will be large variations in car insurance quotes Bridgton Maine
offered by the insurance companies and these rates depend on various personal characteristics and particulars of the cars to be insured.

AAA Car Insurance Quote Maine:

Getting the right car insurance is an important decision. Affordable AAA car insurance quote Maine is offered to the drivers of Maine. The quotes offered by AAA are reasonable and the agents of AAA work hard to evaluate your specific car insurance needs and accordingly provide AAA car insurance quote Maine.


An idea about car insurance rates in Maine could have been understood by now. As there are good opportunities to buy car insurance in Maine, people can make best use these facilities to insure their cars for their safety purposes.

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