Learn 15 Lessons About Car Insurance Quotes Washington


Car insurance is mandatory in Washington as in any other State of US.
Washington State has its own minimum liability requirements by law and let us see the details of car insurance in Washington in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Washington Car Insurance:

Before looking at car insurance quotes Washington, let us see what are the car insurance liability coverages as required by law.

● $25,000 for bodily injury or death for one person
● $50,000 for bodily injury or death for multiple persons per accident
● $10,000 towards property damage liability.

Besides there are usual optional coverages such as collision, comprehensive and much more, which are offered by the insurance providers of Washington. These companies offer car insurance quotes Washington State for all types of coverages including optional coverages.

What is the cost of car insurance quotes Washington? Drivers of Washington pay around $1191 per year on an average towards car insurance premiums. But, you must be aware that every insurance provider uses its own method for assessing the risk and hence you can easily find that there will be large variations for the same coverage from one company to the other.

As far as Washington State is concerned, the lowest car insurance quote prevails in Hay, where it is quoted as $987,
the highest being $1589 in Midland. Even the annual average rate is subject to variations and it cannot be a constant figure for all insurance companies.

In general, the cost of insurance has witnessed an increasing trend during the last six to seven years. The companies suggest car insurance quotes Washington State based on several factors of individual drivers such as age, driving history, occupation, mileage used and much more.

While considering the cheapest car insurance quotes Washington, it is the minimum liability coverages that are required by law. This does not include any of the optional coverages.

Car Insurance Quotes Washington DC:

In addition to the minimum liability coverages explained in second paragraph, Washington DC also requires uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages to the tune of $25,000 for bodily injury for one person, $50,000 for bodily injury for more than one person and $5000 towards property damage.

Naturally the car insurance quotes washington DC will be on the higher side. That is why annual average car insurance quotes Washington DC is quoted as $2074 approximately.

The cheap car insurance quotes Washington DC are offered by the companies namely Geico, Erie and State Farm and they are $1314, $1347 and $1572 respectively. All the insurance companies and agencies have their own websites and if you enter your zip code and other personal information, you will get the car insurance quotes Washington DC or car insurance quotes Washington in quicktime.

Car Insurance Quotes in Seattle:

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Almost 45% of the people of Seattle are driving their vehicles to their workplaces and they are required to buy car insurance policies as required by Washington law.

When considering the car insurance quotes Seattle Washington, the lowest rate exists in Ballard ($667) and the highest in Georgetown ($847). It is now evident that car insurance Quotes Washington DC is much more higher than Seattle.

AAA Insurance Quotes:

AAA insurance with its trusted partners like Safeco, MetLife, Progressive, Foremost, Travelers, Liberty Mutual and more, offers AAA car insurance quote Washington to the residents of Washington.

If you provide the information such as your name, email id, contact time, best time to call AAA membership number, etc. in the relevant columns of AAA website, then you will be contacted by an agent of AAA to provide you AAA car insurance quote Washington along with types of insurance coverages.


You might have understood the car insurance facilities in Washington and the existing car insurance rates. The insurance rates depend upon many factors and your personal needs of coverages.

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