5 Problems Everyone Has With Car Insurance Virginia Beach


You are aware that car insurance is a must in almost all States of US.
This is mandated by law to protect the interests of the car owners as well as other passengers and pedestrians.

If you buy car insurance, then you and your assets will be protected as and when you get into accidents. The insurer will take care of the expenses that arise out of accidents to which you are held responsible. Let us see in detail about the car insurance facilities in Virginia Beach.

Car Insurance in Virginia Beach:

Car insurance Virginia Beach laws require every owner or driver of a car to buy the minimum liability car insurance coverages as detailed below.

● $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident
● $50,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons in an accident
● $20,000 towards property damage liability.

Penalties for No Car Insurance:

If you drive a car without a valid car insurance in Virginia Beach, then you are likely to be punished with a suspension of your driving license and vehicle registration privileges and a $500 statutory fee and a reinstatement fee.

The laws are more tough if you drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugging. You are required to show a valid proof for having purchased car insurance Virginia Beach VA, when demanded by the competent authorities.

Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia Beach:

As far as cheap car insurance Virginia Beach is concerned, the cheapest car insurance is nothing but the minimum liability insurance coverage as required by Virginia laws.

A recent study has revealed that the insurance companies namely USAA, Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Travelers Home and Marine Company offer average annual car insurance premiums $1157, $1637 and $1649 respectively.

These quotes are considered as cheap quotes in respect of car insurance Virginia Beach. There may be some local and popular insurance companies that may offer cheap quotes. But, while searching for a cheap quote, you should also look into the credibility of the prospective companies.

At the same time, car insurance premiums will vary from one insurer to the other for various reasons. In general, car insurance premiums are determined by the insurance carriers based on many factors such as age of the driver, gender, driving history, make and model of the car, usage of the car, where you park the car and much more. Therefore, wide variations prevail even for the same coverages.

Car insurance premium rates also depend on the insurance coverages that are needed by particular drivers. One may need some sorts of optional insurance coverages such as collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage and much more. All these factors put together will decide the car insurance premium rates.

Progressive Car Insurance Virginia Beach:

Progressive car insurance Virginia Beach is a nationally reputed insurance company offering car insurance and other types of insurance to the public. In Virginia Beach, the company is located at the address namely 573, Central Dr.,Virginia Beach, VA-23454.

You can get the car insurance details by contacting them over the phone number 757-785-3080. Progressive offers car insurance through phone, online and through many independent agents spread throughout Virginia Beach and in many States of US. As it prevails for any insurance company, prices vary based on how you buy.

This is because, some drivers will be satisfied with the minimum liability coverages and some may opt for higher coverages than the prescribed limits for various reasons.

Some drivers may be in need of some optional insurance coverages as demanded by their situations. All these factors reason for different premium rates. In general Progressive is reputed for satisfactory customer service and is found reasonable in disposing of claims.

Nationwide Car Insurance Virginia Beach:

Nationwide car insurance company is a nationally renowned firm which offers all types of insurance including car insurance. Nationwide car insurance Virginia Beach company is serving the public through a good number of agencies located in strategic places of Virginia Beach. To mention a few of the agencies, they are Richard Braun, William H Williard, Joseph J Lovas Jr., John W Wilson Jr., Clay Robertson Jr. and much more.

Nationwide car insurance Virginia Beach is committed to offer dependable car insurance to the people of Virginia. A variety of car insurance coverage options are made available to the public and the people are free to choose the coverages according to their needs, goals and budget.

This company offers a good customer service, discounts that could save you considerable amount of money, smart ride rewards for safe driving and much more. The Nationwide car insurance Virginia Beach company is assisted by as many as 37 agents in Virginia Beach to offer stupendous insurance service to the residents.

Many beneficiaries have offered better and positive reviews on the functions of the Nationwide car insurance Virginia Beach company and these can be viewed online in many websites.

Direct Auto Insurance Virginia Beach:

Direct auto insurance Virginia Beach is committed to offer the best car insurance service to the residents of Virginia Beach and elsewhere, where they are providing insurance services.

They work hard to offer and meet the Virginia Beach car insurance needs in a best manner. This company also works with drivers who are in need of non-standard insurance as well as with the drivers with SR 22 forms.

Direct Auto And Life Insurance Company is offering its service by functioning at 309, Aragona Boulevard, Suite-102, Virginia Beach, VA-23462. Their contact number is 757-456-0397.

Direct auto insurance Virginia Beach serves the public with a good number of branches spread all over Virginia Beach and other places. In general, people think that getting a car insurance is complicated and too pricey to afford for. But, when you visit this company you will realise how easy to buy a car insurance.

All the above mentioned insurance companies also offer other types of insurance such as life insurance, home insurance, health insurance and much more.


There are a good number of leading insurance companies that offer car insurance to the residents of Virginia Beach. The people are required to buy car insurance according to their needs and demanding situations. However, do not remain uninsured and face the adverse effects for not having car insurance.

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