What Everyone Ought To Know About Maryland Car Insurance Cost


The car insurance cost in Maryland is not the same in all the towns and
it is costly in Baltimore and cheapest in Western Maryland. Even in the same town, the difference between the cost of insurance for two drivers may be about hundreds of dollars. Let us analyse the car insurance cost in Maryland.

Car Insurance Requirements:

Before discussing the Maryland car insurance cost, it is imperative to know the minimum car insurance requirements mandated by Maryland laws. They are as follows.

Minimum bodily injury liability: $30,000/$60,000
Minimum property liability coverage $15,000
Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury $$30,000/$60,000
Uninsured property damage liability $15,000
Personal injury protection $2500

Personal injury protection can be waived on written request, when you have enough health insurance.

The minimum liability insurance coverages are slightly higher than the limits prevailing in some other States and this may also contribute to the higher average car insurance cost in Maryland.

In addition to buying this compulsory car insurance coverages, there are more optional coverages and many of the drivers may need at least collision and comprehensive coverages for their safety.

Some drivers might have bought their cars by availing loan facilities. The money lenders will require these drivers to buy collision and comprehensive coverages. All these factors play great role in determining the Maryland car insurance cost estimate on the higher side.

Further, the minimum liability coverages will not be sufficient if you are responsible for an accident in which large number of people are injured. Therefore, it is practical for the drivers of Maryland to get car insurance coverages that is well above the minimum limits. This is also one of the main reasons for the higher Maryland car insurance cost.

When considering the average car insurance cost in Maryland State, it is quoted as $2223 per year with the highest cost in Baltimore, which is stated as $4071 per annum.

The cheapest Maryland car insurance cost prevails in the town namely Hagerstown, where it is reported as $1797 per year. You can see a vast variations between the highest and the lowest Maryland car insurance cost estimate.

You are aware that these costs stated above can be taken as rough estimates and the Maryland car insurance cost is determined based on various factors that prevail in each town as well as on the personal factors of the individual drivers.

When considering the various cities and towns of Maryland, you can see that there are large variations in the cost of car insurance among them starting from Annapolis to Westminster. It is also true that almost all the towns of Maryland charge around $2000 towards the cost of car insurance.

You must also note that any type of violation such as no insurance, speeding, no registration, etc. that occurs in any other State will affect your Maryland driving record.

Penalties such as fines, license points, increase in insurance cost and the like will reflect in your driving history as if these violations occurred in Maryland State borders. All these factors may contribute for the higher Maryland car insurance cost.

Most Expensive Cities in respect of Car Insurance:

When you consider where the cost of car insurance is more expensive, it is pointed out that the most expensive cities are Baltimore, Owings Mills, Fort Washington, Silver Spring and Waldorf.

The annual average car insurance cost in these cities in order are $4139, $3037, $3009, $2561 and $2481. Here itself, you can witness the wide variations between the highest and the lowest.


It may be astonishing to note the Maryland car insurance cost and many factors contribute to the high cost. If you maintain a good driving record and earn a name as a safe driver, you can lower your premiums to a certain extent.

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