10 Ways To Check Bmw Car Insurance Price


BMW cars are high-end luxury vehicles. Therefore, the cost of insuring a BMW car is a little bit expensive.
Apart from other factors that influence the car insurance premiums, the luxury cars like BMW attract higher insurance premium rates. Let us see them in detail.

BMW Car Insurance:

Undoubtedly BMW cars are luxurious and high-end performance cars. BMW car insurance price will be higher than to insure a more affordable brand. At the same time BMW car insurance price is not so expensive when compared to their competitors such as Aston Martin or Ferrari.

In fact to insure BMW cars is to cost above average but it will not break the bank. BMW cars more expensive to buy and hence the higher insurance premium. But, in recent times, BMW cars come with added safety features and hence there are some chances of lowering the insurance premiums due to this factor.

However, there cannot be one size fit insurance cost for all types of BMW cars. BMW cars come in different models and there are many other factors such as your age, driving history, credit score, your gender and the like that play a solid role in estimating the car insurance premium. These cars are manufactured with different engines and different specifications.

An older BMW car may be cheaper to insure at the beginning but, the cost of insurance may increase periodically as these old cars may not have the special safety features as the new BMW cars are being provided now. When the car is more expensive, it is natural that the cost of insurance will also be higher.

BMW Car Insurance Price:

As far as BMW car insurance price is concerned, the national average stands at $165 per month, the lowest being $96 per month in the State of Maine and the highest is quoted as $279 per month in Georgia. These are only rough estimates and the prices may vary depending upon many personal factors and car models.

According to a recent study, the annual average cost of insurance to three BMW car types are given below.

● BMW Activehybrid 7 $2701 per year ● BMW 750 XI $2446 per year ● BMW 750i $2430 per year. Similarly different models of BMW cars are charged with different car insurance premium rates.

Best Car Insurance Price for BMW cars:

For any type of car, wide range of shopping will yield best results. This holds good for getting the best price BMW car insurance in US. Buying BMW car is expensive and quite exciting. As such, the BMW car insurance price will also be higher.

As you are aware, if you have a good credit score and no negative payment history, then cost of insurance even for a BMW car will be cheaper than usual. If you are a responsible driver with no speeding tickets and no accident history, then these records will show that you are a trustworthy and safe driver in the eyes of insurance providers and you will be offered with discounts.

In the process of finding the best price BMW car insurance, you may have to answer a number of questions put forth by the insurance companies. You must be careful in not overestimating the miles you drive daily. This factor will increase the premium. This is true for any type and model of a car.

As far as the question “where to get best price BMW car insurance?” the best answer is to shop around. You have to collect quotes from different insurance companies and compare them for affordability. At the same time ensure that your BMW car is fitted with latest safety features. However, do not rely upon the cheap premium rate only and give importance to the credibility of the company.


When you buy a costly car like BMW, you must also be ready to pay higher cost of insurance premium. From among the rates, you can choose the best premium rate as far as possible.

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