Decrease Your Car Insurance Cost For One Year


It is possible to buy car insurance for one year and only a limited companies may offer this policy.
Let us see what are the circumstances that will lead you to buy one year car insurance and what would be its cost.

Car Insurance for One Year:

You can get car insurance policy for one full year and this depends upon where you live and whether an insurer offers one year car insurance policies. Most of the companies would like to offer six month policy only, as it would give them an opportunity to review the policy in six month period and to enable them to increase the premium rates.

Some car insurance companies that offer one year car insurance policy include Erie Insurance, Infinity, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, National General Insurance, The General, The Hartford and USAA.

Car Insurance Cost for One Year:

The annual average car insurance cost for one year in US is just above $1300. But, this is not the real indication of what you pay towards car insurance cost for 1 year and it may vary significantly from individual to individual and from company to company.

To be precise, in the State of Michigan the car insurance cost for one year is reported at a figure that is well above $2000 whereas in the States of Maine, Idaho and Ohio, it stands at under $950.

How much does car insurance cost for one year? This question cannot be answered so easily. This is because there are lot of factors, changeable and unchangeable, that influence the car insurance cost for 1 year.

Gender of the driver is one among the important factors that affect the car insurance rate. If you are a male driver, then you are considered as a risky driver than your counterpart namely lady drivers and you will be charged more premiums than female drivers.

If you are very young (under 25 years of age) or very old, you will be placed in the category of risky drivers and will be charged more towards the car insurance premiums.

If your are married then you will be charged with low premiums than the one charged, when you were single.

Your location will also play a great role in deciding your car insurance cost for one year. If you are driving a car where accidents take place often, the insurance companies will naturally offer high rates for you.

If you live an area which is prone to natural disasters or car theft at frequent intervals, then your car insurance premium will be charged on the higher side.

How to Get Low Cost Car Insurance?

To get car insurance cost for one year and to get a better rate that is suitable to your budget and insurance requirements, you have to shop around. You should not accept your first offer in any case. All coverage levels are created equal, but, without proper shopping how can you get an affordable deal and coverage.

Many insurance companies used to offer various types of discounts to the eligible customers.
You must analyse the discounts and see that to which discounts, you are eligible. Do not fail to avail these discounts which would get you low car insurance cost for one year.

You can also bundle your insurance policies and buy them from the same insurer. Further, you can add safety features in your car to get discounts. Therefore, there cannot be one size fit car insurance rate for all drivers. In fact, several companies offer different rates for the same coverages and there may be valid reasons to justify this point.


Undoubtedly getting one year car insurance policy has many advantages as well as disadvantages. You have to analyse the facts and find out the company that offers one year car insurance policy.

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