Here Is What You Should Do To Get Insurance By Car


While car insurance is mandatory by law in almost all the States of US,
you must also realise that a car's make and model play a great role in deciding your car insurance rates. Make refers to the name of the manufacturer and the model refers to the name of the product. We will discuss different types of insurance for a number of make and model of cars in this article.

Insurance by Car:

Everyone is aware that there are several makes and models of cars in the world and the insurance companies in US offer insurance by car based on their makes and models. It is not possible to treat sports cars or high performance vehicles on par with ordinary cars and that is why the varied premium rates.

Insurance by Car Model:

Why insurance providers consider insurance by car model? The reason is very simple. Car insurance companies price the policies based on the risk you and your car can present. There are certain models of car which are prone to accidents often and some attract thieves to steal them. Naturally these cars will be charged with high premium rates.

The cheapest cars to insure are the cars with low risk and low claim rates. In general, cars with less horsepower are not costly to insure than sports cars which are designed to go with much speed.

Insurance by car model has got several dimensions. For estimating car insurance premiums, not only the make and model of a car is taken into account but also body style and trim level are considered.

If an insurance provider finds a car with a particular make and model is subject to more claims,
then the insurer will increase the cost of insurance premium for such cars. The insurer will also consider safety features in a car and the cost of claims it can make in deciding the insurance price.

Insurance by Car Type:

The insurance companies also consider insurance by car type while deciding the cost of premiums. The type of a car or vehicle can also have effect on how serious it will meet with accidents and the charges for the repair of the car.

If the probability of these incidents are high, then the insurance cost will also be higher than that charged for a normal car. For instance a four door family car such as Ford Taurus or Nissan Altima are less to insure than a Chevy Corvette. Therefore, insurance by car type is also a factor in deciding the car insurance premium.

Insurance by Car Color:

It is a wrong belief that insurance premiums are calculated by the notion insurance by car color. There is no strong proof for this statement. There is a strong belief that red cars are costly to insure.

Red cars may be costly to buy and not to insure. This is also not true. In fact the color of your is not asked for as a question in the insurance application. Car insurance companies do not look for your car color and it is not at all a factor in determining the insurance cost. There are many other factors to estimate the car insurance premium rate.

Insurance by Car Brand:

When determining car insurance rates, the insurance companies analyse much more than your driving record, ZIP code and other factors. They are the make and model of the car. The insurers determine the insurance by car brand.

For instance, the annual average insurance cost for Lexus brand car is $2114 whereas the insurance costs for BMW and Mercedes-Benz are quoted as $2234 and $2499 respectively per year on an average.

The insurers consider the risks involved in driving certain brands of cars and if the risk is considered high, then the insurance cost will also be higher. Similarly the monthly average insurance cost for a Ford-C-Max may range between $157 and $245 whereas Ford Focus may cost you $238 a month. Therefore, it is true that insurance by car brand is also a factor in determining the cost of insurance.

Insurance Rates by Car: Does the insurance rates by car vary? It is true. The type of the car you are driving is one among the key factors in determining the cost of insurance by the insurance providers.

Depending on the vehicle, insurance rates by car will vary by hundreds of dollars per year for the same driver. That is why you are required to look into insurance estimate by car before deciding which type and model of the car you are going to buy.

There are many private comparison websites in which relevant columns if you enter the make and model of the car you intend to purchase, you will be able to find insurance cost by car type.

You can analyse these quotes and then decide the make and model of the car to be bought. There are some brands of cars which are cheaper to insure. Of course, you are the final judge in buying the car, you desire. Before that you can gather many ideas about insurance costs for various car types for your guidance.

Almost all the major and prominent insurance companies offer insurance quote by car type, model and make and this is the best opportunity for you to buy the type of the car after considering the insurance cost too.

Insurance Groups by Car:

Every car belongs to a car insurance group and with this you can find the brands of cars that come under cheapest to most expensive group to insure. There are a number of ways to reduce your monthly car insurance premium and determining the insurance groups by car and fixing to which group you car belongs will enable you to find the insurance cost of your car.

Insurance groups by car means the cars are grouped from 1 to 50 or even more and the group-1 implies that the cars come under this group are cheaper to insure. On the contrary, the cars, which are categorised in group 50 or more are more expensive to insure.

You need not waste time in visiting each and every company for buying an insurance for your vehicle. Almost all leading insurance providers have made extensive facilities to buy insurance car online for any type of car.


It is understood that make and model of a car are also important factors in deciding the car insurance premium rates. Use the online facilities and see the insurance cost before buying a new car.

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