7 Ways To Get 1 Year Car Insurance Quote


Most of the car insurance companies offer six month policies in order to review the policy cost once in six months.
However, there are some insurance companies who offer one year car insurance polices and let us see the details in the ensuing paragraphs.

1 Year Car Insurance Quote:

Most of the insurance companies offer car insurance policies for six months only. Of course, there are a few companies that provide you 1 year car insurance quote and policy and they are as given below.

● Erie Insurance
● Infinity
● Liberty Mutual
● MetLife
● National General Insurance
● The General
● The Hartford

The underwriting rules and guidelines of car insurance companies will vary when they consider providing one year policy and at the outset, there are some criteria to find out whether you are eligible for a one year policy. This 1year car insurance quote offer is available in only limited areas.

As regards to the advantages of getting 1 year car insurance quote direct and the policy, they are as given below.

● The main advantage is that your insurance will not change for a one year period
● One single bill for the entire one year period
● You will not forget to pay mid-way through the year
● Even if you receive any violation or infringement of law during the mid-way of the year, your premium rate will not change
● By paying the premium in one payment, you will not be charged with processing fee as this processing fee will be charged when you pay monthly instalments

Of course, there are some advantages in getting the car insurance policy for six months. You will also be benefited if you pay the insurance premiums every month. In any type, there are advantages and disadvantages. It also depends upon how you drive on the roads.

Most of the insurance companies offer car insurance only for a six month period. This is because that the insurance companies will have a chance to review your premium rates once in six months based on your driving records.

On the customer side, it will be easy to part with say around $440 dollars for a six month period instead of paying $1000 for one year towards car insurance premiums.

Car insurance rates are determined based on your personal profile and how a risky driver you are. The insurance companies will be reviewing your driving history every six months and accordingly revise the car insurance premium . If you maintain a safe driving, you will be benefited in not raising your insurance premium based on your less risk factors. It is convenient for the insurance companies to assess your driving performance every six months.

Car Insurance for 17:

As far as 1 year car insurance quotes for 17 is concerned, it may cost around $4651 per year on an average.
A 17 year old can get car insurance. As they are minors, a parent or guardian has to sign the policy with the 17 year old boy or girl. The car insurance monthly premium for 17 year old may be charged between $300 and $500. But as the lad reaches the age of 20, the car insurance premium may come down.

The insurance companies that sell one year car insurance policies may offer 1 year car insurance quotes for 17. But, it will be definitely costly. The insurance companies also consider to insure the cars driven by 17 year old boy or girl is risky as they are considered to drive with great speed. That is why they charge higher rates. That too, 17 year old girls are charged less than 17 year old boys.


It is understood that the car insurance policies are available for one year period as well as six month period. You have to choose which is the best option based on the advantages and disadvantages regarding the period of policies.

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