Little Known Ways To Get Car Insurance Quote For New Car


It is untrue to state that new cars are more expensive to insure.
It is not necessary to spend much on insuring a new car than the older ones. In fact, make and model of the car matters more than the age of the car.

For instance, sports cars attract high insurance premiums irrespective of the fact whether it is new or old. It all depends on the person behind the wheel. Let us see about car insurance quote for new car in the following paragraphs.

Car Insurance for New Car:

The type of the car, you drive, is one among the factors that determine your car insurance premium. Car insurance quote for new car need not be high and only the make and model of the car decide the cost of insurance premium.

Depending on the vehicle, the cost of insurance may vary in dollars a year even for the same driver. In this aspect, it is essential to get car insurance quotes for the models of the cars you are going to buy. This will enable you to get an idea about the car insurance quote for new car.

Reasons for Car Insurance Premiums to be High or Low:

● In general costly cars are expensive to insure. Suppose you buy collision and comprehensive coverages, then the insurance company will estimate the payout value of the car in the market, if the car is stolen or wrecked beyond recognition in accidents.

● High end models such as sports cars often use parts that are made from using some special materials and it will be costly to replace these parts in case of necessity. These factors will also be taken into account while calculating the car insurance premiums.

● Safety measures installed in the car to ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers will bring down the cost of insurance premiums.

● Vehicles such as minivans will attract the drivers for safe driving and hence less wreckage can be expected. This will lead to less claims and hence the cost of insuring such vehicles may be less.

Some insurance providers offer a distinct discount while insuring new cars for the first two years you own the vehicle. Besides, there are many other discounts which reiterates the fact that car insurance quote for new car need not be as high as you expect.
Car Insurance Quote for Second Car:

To obtain car insurance quote for second car, you have to contact your current insurance provider either in person or over phone and ask for the details in insuring the second car. The insurer will be definitely interested in retaining your customership and they will provide you the details and come forward to make this process as smooth as possible for you.

Of course, there is no necessity to insure your second with the same insurer, who has insured your first car. This may be due to the reason that the driver of your second may be a risky driver or young driver.

Or else, you might be able to find a competitive insurer for your second car. It is better to shop around for insuring your second car to get better options than the existing one. You can refer to customer reviews, satisfactory rankings and credibility of the insurance provider before making a decision.

When your young son passes the driving test and is curious to drive your second car, then the situation of buying insurance for a second car will arise. You are aware that young drivers are at risk and in this case adding a new driver and a second car to your current insurance policy may give you a double setback. Therefore, it all depends upon the situation who drives your second car and the insurance provider you approach.

Car Insurance quote for Multi Car:

As far as car insurance quote for multi car is concerned, most of the insurance companies offer some sort of discounts, if you insure two or more vehicles with the same insurer. The multi car discount is one of the easiest ways to lower your car insurance premiums. To become eligible for multi car discount, you may note down some of the following situations.

● You must have two or more vehicles insured by the same provider
● All the drivers included in the policy must be members of the same household and must be living together.

As regards to the car insurance quote for multi car, you must understand that if one of the drivers in the multi car policy gets into accident, then the insurance premium for that particular vehicle will increase and it will naturally affect your monthly insurance premiums for all vehicles.

If you are not satisfied with the offer of discount for a multi cat policy, do not hesitate to shop around. Car insurance quote for multi car can be obtained from many insurance providers to enable you to choose the best option.

When adding a new car, you must compare the coverages already included in the vehicle’s policy. For instance if you have included collision coverage for your car in the old policy, it does not mean that the same coverage will be added to your second or multiple cars. In general, the optional coverage such as collision, comprehensive and the like can be different for each vehicle in a multi car policy.

Of course, all the cars and vehicles in a multi car policy must carry the minimum liability coverages as required by the State law. When you add a second car or multiple cars to your insurance policy, nothing will prevent you from looking for better options by shopping around. You will understand this as your present insurer may no longer offer best rates when you factor in the additional car and driver.

Free car insurance quote for new car can be had from the websites of the leading insurance companies or from experienced insurance agencies. Only an intensive shopping for car insurance will fetch you good results.


In US, almost all households have at least two cars and some may have more than that. It will be wise to buy multi car policies to lower your monthly car insurance premiums to a greater extent. Enjoy your driving with a proper car insurance coverage.

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