How To Take Car Insurance Quotes For New Drivers


First time drivers or new drivers have to learn a lot before taking the wheels. Getting a car insurance is more important.
It is much more important to learn about how to get a car insurance for new drivers. Let us see what are the possibilities in getting car insurance for new drivers.

The Best Deal:

Someone in your household may have a car insurance policy. It is a best deal to include your name in the existing policy. Whether it is a parent or a household member or grandparents, try to include your name in the existing policy.

How to Get Car Insurance Quotes?

Sometimes it may not be possible to include your name in the existing car insurance policy of a member of your household. In such cases, it is better to look for the car insurance quotes for new drivers offered by the insurance providers of your State. This could be done by a research followed by online shopping.

Through online shopping and by visiting the websites of the insurance companies, you will be able to collect the quotes of several companies. After comparison of these quotes, you will be able to find cheap car insurance quotes for new drivers.

If you show your intention to pay the amount of premium in one time payment, then most of the insurance companies will offer you with a sizeable discount. Once you have insured with an insurer for the first six months, you will have enough time to shop around in search of car insurance quotes for new drivers online.

When you switch from a high risk driver category to a safe driver panel by maintaining a good driver history, it will be much more easy for you to get cheap car insurance quotes for new drivers.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes?

Of course it is not easy and it is an intimidating task to search for cheap car insurance quotes for new drivers. There are a good number of ways to achieve this and they are as follows.

● Apart from shopping around, talk to an insurance agent whether you are eligible for discounts. It is easy to get free car insurance quotes for new drivers, but only an experienced insurance agent can guide you about the coverages offered and availability of discounts.

● It is important to choose a safe and inexpensive car to drive. Expensive cars, especially for new drivers, will attract high car insurance premium rates.

● It is also better to undergo a defensive driving course approved by the State Government. This will earn you a discount.

● You should not drive a car under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You should maintain a safe and clean driving record in order to enjoy the discounts offered by the insurers.

● While enjoying all these discounts, you must be responsible in keeping your driving record to the full satisfaction of your insurers.

Before buying a car insurance as a new driver, you must be clear about your State laws that may enforce minimum liability car insurance coverages and the driving rules and responsibilities. You have to prove your financial responsibility if you want to drive your car on the roads.

You must also be aware of the optional coverages and whether you require them or not. You must also understand about the factors that are used for determining the car insurance premium rates.

Above all, you must be a good driver all the time and this will earn you reasonable and affordable car insurance quotes.


Everyone is a new driver at the beginning. Everyone intends to get cheap car insurance quotes. For this purpose, you have to shop around and maintain a good driving record as the time passes by, after taking up the wheels for the first time.

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