Now You Can Get Car Insurance Quotes Numbers Easily


Car insurance quote numbers are usually seen on your car insurance forms.
They may be 15/20/5 or 100/300/50 or 25/50/15 and much more like these numbers. They are not mathematical equations or some algebraic expressions. They have different meanings, which we shall see in the ensuing paragraphs.

Car Insurance Quote Numbers:

You are aware that each State of US has different minimum liability insurance coverages regarding car insurance and these liabilities are required by law. Suppose your car insurance policy carries the car insurance quote numbers as 25/50/15.

The first number 25 represents that your insurance provider will pay $25,000 towards bodily injury liability to one person injured in an accident to which you are responsible.

The second number 50 represents the liability coverage up to $50,000 towards the persons injured in an accident. The last number 15 represents that an amount of $15,000 will be paid by the insurance provider when you damage others property in an accident.

Similar meanings can be attributed to the numbers such as 100/300/50 or 15/20/5 and more. The numbers differ because each State has different car insurance liability requirements by law.

These are the only minimum requirements and you can ask your insurance company to have higher coverage than the minimum in order to extend your coverage limits. This will be useful in case if you are involved in some big accidents in which more people are injured.

Car Insurance Quotes Number Plate:

Many car owners are particular with the private number plates assigned to their cars. If a car insurance covers the car insurance quotes number plate and when a claim is made for the cost of the car, including the number plate, then the insurer owns the vehicle to which the number is assigned to and hence owns the rights of the registration number. The claimant can get back the registration number, if the insurer is willing to sell the same to the policyholder, if not already sold out.

If a vehicle with such personalised number plate is stolen, then the owner has to wait for a year to get back the registered number plate back. If the present vehicle is written off and the owner wants to keep the same number plate, then the owner has to contact the DVLA and the insurer and tell them that they want to keep the number plate.

Then the owner has to pay a retention fee for this purpose. Whenever an old car is disposed off, you have to inform the insurer whether you want the number plate to be retained with you. This procedure will hold good even if your car is stolen.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

While registering your vehicle for car insurance, you will have to submit a lot of information such as license plate number, make and model of the car and the like. The insurance companies will also ask for car insurance quotes vin number.

This vin number implies the "vehicle identification number". The insurance companies need this vin number for protection sake. The identification number was made essential to give cars of exact make and model as a distinguishing mark. This car insurance quotes vin number will enable the authorities to match with the exact owner when the car was reported as stolen.

This vin number will help the car insurance providers to identify the exact owner of the car and settle the claims made by the car owners. The insurance companies can avoid settling the claims to the non-owners of the cars. Car insurance quotes vin number is a sort of protection to the insurance carriers in this way.

Car Insurance Quotes Phone Numbers:

To get car insurance quotes there is no need to visit the insurance companies in person. Those days are gone now. You can get the quotes online thanks to the company websites and private comparison websites.

Moreover, most of the insurance providers have appointed agents and these agents will provide you online quotes and for this purpose, you have to give certain personal information as well as your vehicle details. This is essential to determine the premium costs.

There is yet another option to get online quotes and it is car insurance quotes phone numbers. If you contact the companies through their toll free 1-800 phone numbers, you will be able to get the desired quotes.

The only thing you have to ensure is the quality and credibility of the proposed insurance company. These companies have advertised their car insurance quotes contact numbers for your benefits.

Aviva Car Insurance:

Aviva Canada is one of the leading insurance groups and the company provides all types of insurance worldwide. This company work close with their broker partners and committed to provide car insurance and other insurance types that are tailored to suit the needs of the customers. This company has also provided 24/7 claims service.

As far as Aviva car insurance quote number is concerned, you can contact the company by calling the toll free number 1-800-387-4518 for getting general details. Similarly there are separate numbers for making claims and inquiries regarding the claims.

Car Insurance Quote Registration Number:

In United States, a car owner has to get car insurance before registering the car with the motor vehicle authorities of the Government. Car insurance quote registration number is very much essential for registering your car with the Government Department for registration. For the purchase of a car insurance, you require your driving license, vehicle registration forms and other valid documents.

Tesco Bank Car Insurance:

Tesco Bank car insurance is committed to providing a hassle free customer service in getting the car insurance to the people. As far as Tesco car insurance quote number is concerned, you have to contact the phone number 0843 903 3246. By contacting this number, one can get all the details of car insurance coverages with the company.


You are aware that car insurance is compulsory in most of the States of US and there may be a differences in the minimum limits of insurance coverages. There are much more car insurance facilities and reputed insurance companies are available in the market to serve the people. Please avail them and remain secured.

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